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County-wide verses Individual Districts

Daniel Long


I would be interested in hearing your opinion on a comparison of county-wide school systems and individual school districts. I believe that most county-wide systems are organized as such due to financial reasons and not educational, but I have no data to back it up. I would be interested in hearing your views!


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Principal at New Milford High School

In NJ all schools districts

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In NJ all schools districts are individual (over 600 I think). I would be interested to hear about the data you collect as to the pros/cons of county-wide systems. I will tweet out these thread as well to try to generate some chatter on the subject.

Principal at Walker Middle School

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I work in Florida. My district is the 8th largest district in the nation, with over 192K students and 250 schools. One huge benefit of such a large district is the buying power and resources avaialbe to all sites. One downfall is the speed (or lack of) of some issues due to the size of the the stakeholder population.

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