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Using the iPad 2 as an authoring tool with iMovie app.

Brick Maier

I've notice a trend, iPad 2 tablets are showing up classrooms across the country. They are so new everyone is still trying to figure out best practice with these new devices. The burgeoning app store with education specific apps keeps educators on their toes to be sure. I deliver training in iPad classroom integration that looks very specifically at how to deliver moviemaking and animation.

In the past 3 months I have had the opportunity to deliver 7 training workshops with iPad 2 using the iMovie app (4.99). The goal was bring participants through the entire production process of making a basic movie using the Tabletop Moviemaking method. I worked with nearly 80 educators in the Sheridan Wyoming school district to train them in basic moviemaking skills. Beyond the fun of making movies, we discussed curricular integration, the challenges of classroom delivery, and how to manage a movie projects where multiple classes will be using the same iPad.

In October I delivered two workshops in Los Angeles with the creative writing non profit 826LA. Check out this one minute overview video of the two workshops. They have become a rapid prototyping lab of creativity where I am able to tinker with new devices and see how they mesh with the writing process. The two hour workshops were a complete success with 6 original Tabletop Movies authored! Scripts were collaboratively written in small groups for the first hour, then they switched over to moviemaking mode. They drew props and scenery, then staged their movies. The iPad 2 simplified the whole process because everything happens in one location on one device.

I think best outcome of both educator center and student centered workshop was the creative process itself and how it dovetailed with the iPad 2. Teachers are smart, and will figure out what areas of the curriculum to hook the iPad into, my goal was to provide a new method that makes moviemaking simple and fun. Above all, I want to see how these new devices and apps can help participants author, create, build make something new. And to this end the workshops were a success! If you'd like to learn more or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me: brickm@tabletopmedia.org

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Well well, my apologies for the grammatical errors in the above post and lots of blue links! I normally have the computer read back aloud anything I've written because I will not see/catch errors no matter how many times I read over it. You'll notice I love dropping prepositions in particular. Such is the case here, in my haste to post I simply clicked "Save", and my errors were carved in digital stone. Sorry about that. I hope they weren't too distracting from the content of the post.

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