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80 Online Tools, References, and Resources

Hubert V. Yee social media and marketing manager of startup

11/10/11 Update: We have an additional 30 plus tools, references, and resources submitted by community members.

We all know that teachers are always looking for tools, references, and resources for classrooms. Well, here's 80 "must see" trial, free, and paid websites recommended by Edutopia community members. Keep this list in your back pocket! It might come in handy. (The list is not ranked and listed in any order.) =)

What other websites do you think are missing from this list? Which ones do you use?

1. Thinkfinity:

2. National Geographic Xpeditions:

3. Culture Grams:

4. Asia Society:

5. BBC for Kids:

6. New York Times, Lesson Plans:

7. Teacher Corner:

8. Slide Share:

9. Free Rice-Vocabulary Site:

10. Free Poverty-Geography Site:

11. Learner:

12. International Reading Association:

13. OWL at Purdue U:

14. Blue Grammar Book:

15. ESL Flashcards:

16. Spellanywhere:

17. Rick Walton:

18. Fires in the Mind:

19. Edhelper:

20. RubiStar:

21. Byrd Seed Gifted Lessons:

22. Imagination Soup:

23. TED:

24. Professional Garfield:

25. Kid Blog:

26. That Quiz:

27. Academic Skill Builders:

28. Circle the Cat:

29. Sheppard Software:

30. Storyline Online:

31. ABCya!:

32. Study Zone:

33. Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading:

34. Super Teacher Worksheets:

35. Discovery Education Streaming:

36. Busy Teacher’s Café:

37. Global Tech School:

38. Diigo:

39. Vocabulary and Spelling City:

40. Making Curriculum Pop:

41. English Champion:

42. National Council of Teachers of English:

43. Web English Teacher:

44. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

45. College Board:

46. Technology in Class:

47. PBworks:

48. Challenge by Choice:

49. McQuality Education Services:

50. Learning Centre:

51. Dream Up the Future:

52. Ten Marks:

53. Quizlet:

54. Voice Thread:

55. 8 to Great:

56. Learn Me Project:

57. Hands on Math:

58. Edmodo:

59. Tween Tribune:

60. TregoED:

61. Middle School Science:

62. Science Spot:

63. Animoto:

64. Prezi:

65. Buck Institute for Education:

66. Eduhound:

67. How Stuff Works:

68. Flash Card Machine:

69. Class Jump:

70. ABCteach:

71. EPALS Global Community:

72. EdHelper:

73. TeAch-nology:

74. Survey Monkey:

75. Scholastic:

76. iKeep Bookmarks:

77. Enchanted Learning:

78. Eclipse Crossword:

79. Math Snacks:

80. Wikispaces:

Additional community member submissions:

81. World Digital Library:

82. Library of Congress for Teachers:

83. SocialMaestro:

84. Spellingcity:

85. Report Card Comments:

86. EDSITEment!:

87. Khan Academy:


89. National Archives - Teachers:

90. Smithsonian:

91. Jibe:

92. Glogster Edu:

93. PD 360:

94. Enter The Group:


96. JewelBeat:

97. NWP Digital Is:

98. Gapminder:

99. Facing the Future:

100. Curriculum21:

101. World Mapper:

102. Collaborize Classroom:

103. SweetSearch:


105. Genetic Science Learning Center:

106. Enter The Group:

107. Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology:

108. Knovio:

109. Splashtop Inc.:

110. Root-1:

111. MyClassTalk:

112. BenchPrep:

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Technology Integration Teacher from Suffolk, Virginia

LearningReviews database of webtools and teacher tools

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Please let your readers know about, a directory of kids learning websites, web tools, references, and teacher tools. There are more than 2700 mostly free sites listed, with reviews written by teachers, students and parents.

Coordinator of Educational Outreach HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

Biology and Genetics

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Two online resources I would like to recommend for teaching biology and genetics are the Genetic Science Learning Center, gslc.genetics.utah.edulearn.genetics for students and teach.genetics for educators and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology digital education tools at

social media and marketing manager of startup

Heidi, Adam, and Sal, Thanks

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Heidi, Adam, and Sal,

Thanks for adding more resources to our list.

Senior officer at the Ministry of Education in Portugal


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I'm testing a new recent free webtool - - which is a video presentation based on the use of webcam and powerpoint. It uploads a ppt, converted into still images, and allows a video comment along the display of the ppt. It's very simple to use and recording will take a few minutes, allowing to share online. The tool is still a beta version, and one of the objectives is to embed in blogs (or websites). I think it may be also very useful for online training/tutoring.
Although there are already other more creative presentation tools such as PREZI, and other screencast tools like JING or Camstudio, it's an interesting alternative. It will probably evolve to a commercial tool in what respects some features to develop, as Jing and other tools, but the free component will be enough for educational purposes.

President, NJ Association for Middle Level Education

Organizing these resources

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I agree that this is a great list! How can I keep all of these resources organized?

Teacher Productivity in the Classroom

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Very useful list Mr Yee. Teachers might want to head over to to learn about our products and how they un-tether teachers from the front of the class. By connecting to their computers using an ipad, they can control their favorite applications and websites, view flash videos then annotate over content - all while being free to roam the class.

Engaging and adaptive mobile apps

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Root-1 builds games and puzzle-based apps that make learning fun. Root-1's goal is to increase user engagement, foster a better understanding of one's capabilities (both self-awareness and feedback for parents and teachers), and build a back-end that tracks progress and adapts to the user.

App for the classroom

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I'd like to let the Edutopia community know about MyClassTalk for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. It's an app designed to promote equitable participation in the classroom. It allows teachers to easily award participation points to students and generate reports on daily, weekly, monthly class participation by each student. But more importantly it quickly shows the teacher which students have participated the least.
To find out more check us out on twitter @myclasstalk, like us on facebook, and visit our webpage.
We use it our classes and it has been a success with students who like knowing that their participation counts and with parents who like to know I am doing everything I can to understand their learner!

The webpage

BenchPrep: Online and Mobile courses for SAT, ACT, GRE etc.

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I highly recommend for everyone preparing for any standardized test including SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, NPTE, PMP, CFA, CAPM, Praxis etc.

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