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Revamping of American Education

Dr. Richard A. NeSmith Professor of Science and Technology Education

American schools grew in strength and power during the American Industrial much so that those school sites even looked like factories. In regards to the need for education (particularly, pk-12) to move into the 21st Century, what roll do the following play in the change process?

1. Teacher Unions?
2. Proprietary schools?
3. E-learning?

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I believe that e-learning is essential. This generation of students has never known what it is to be without a computer or an iPod. These are the tools that they are use to and can do it very well. They can text message faster than I can find the first key. I was visiting my daughters in Orlando, Florida and we were watching a movie at their apartment. They were both texting during the movie. I ask them who they were texting and they told me each other. I said why don’t you just talk to each other and they told me they couldn’t talk they were watching a movie. It just amazes me how they can multi-task with no problem. When I have a problem with any of my electronics at school I just stop the first child I see in the hall and they can usually fix it for me.

Professor of Science and Technology Education

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It is so true that most of the young people have far surpassed the "average" teacher and administrator in their practical knowledge of technology and their "connectedness" to it's uses.

Do you believe that E-learning will become a vital component at the elementary level?

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