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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Young and Old Learn Together

An Oklahoma school is housed in a nursing home. More to this story.

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Produced by Lisa Morehouse. Photography by Darren Parker.
©2009 The George Lucas Educational Foundation. All rights reserved.

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Jenny Crawford's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

What an absolutely fabulous idea to put the children near and with the elders. It will teach the children respect for their "grandmas and grandpas" and give a sense of purpose to the elders. I hope when I have to go to a nursing home that this will be available. What a joy for anyone to see a child learning and growing, but especially for our older citizens to be able to be part of that remarkable time. I believe that back in simpler times in our history that the interaction of the ages was a very important role and we have lost that in our mobile society. Hooray for these pioneers in this field.

Jenny Crawford
Memphis, TN

John's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Thank you Edutopia for showing us another new way to teach and learn. The story of how this nursing home is helping young children learn is inspirational and energizing. Thank you for being there to show us the possibilities!

Deb Desmond's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Fiona Brunger's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

This idea could be introduced to children under 5 in Children Centres across the UK and Nursery + KS1 classes up to 7 for retired grandmas and grandpas who have time and patience and are happy to reinforce the mysticfal connection between the very young and the very old as quoted by Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica, The Element 2009. Teaching them to understand, love and respect their elders.

Lisa's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

After reading the Element by Ken Robinson I knew that Book Buddies is a perfect fit for our community. Is there some guidelines to get this started?

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