George Lucas: Teaching "Communication"

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Robert Patrik Winston (not verified)

Teaching communication

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Dear Mr. Lucas,

A Buddhist Monk taught me the quote:

"Communication is the essence of the Holy Spirit"

I agree with you 100%, and thank you for "communicating" on this topic!


Robert Patrik Winston

Sara Lanier - Belfast (not verified)

Teaching communication

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At the risk of teaching my Grandmom to suck eggs...

George, are you familiar with the work of Charles Sanders Peirce on
the logic of communication?

Liszka's book on Peirce is a good place to start.

Also the pre-war German Gestalt philosophers are seriously worth
looking at.

Oh, also Aby Warburg's work on visual literacy.

Lesson over.

Michael McDowell (not verified)

George Lucas: teaching communication

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I agree. You might say that our native tongue is images, since we were processing them long before we could speak.

Sonja Dziedzic, Art Teacher, Emerson Middle School (not verified)

Some call it Visual Literacy

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While I agree with the necessity of needing to engage students in learning to communicate and read visual information, I call it visual literacy and so do many others. I DO think that it can and should be taught by those that have a visual background. I DO think the place to teach it is in the art room...and I think it IS being taught in the art rooms where there are certified art specialists to teach and where students have meaningful amounts of time to be engaged in making and discussing art and all that is visual. Teaching graphics and design is certainly best taught by someone with that background. I think the struggle is with the current paradigm in our society that the only type of literacy that matters is the written word. I think you would be hard pressed to find a teacher of the arts that would not love to have it recognized by those in society at large that we need to engage students in ALL kinds of communication. I DO NOT feel that the better way to do it is to lump all forms of communication together into one class. There would not be many human beings qualified to teach every area well. The most effective way to accomplish this is to open the dilaogue among teachers of the arts, including writing and languages, music too (although not visual is communication in its own right) and helping students to see the connections in all areas of communication.

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