The Geo-Literacy Project: Students Use Technology to Explore Their World

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i like this kind of teaching

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i like this kind of teaching to make my students more exciting in learning ..i hope i can do that in my school in UAE ..

from : mohamed elabasery
chemistry teacher
RAK teachers's network
United Arab Emirates

I think it is incredible

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I think it is incredible students are able to learn by discovery through technology. Children are able to see and visit places that as a child we were never introduced to due to the lack of technology. Students are able to make real-life connections, which helps them to truly understand and remember the concepts being taught. It teaches the students to become life-long learners and problem solvers, which I believe to be a necessity to survive in our society. Also, getting the students involved in the community and bringing historians into the classroom with artifacts to show and tell, where they are able to touch and see is extremely important and very beneficial to the children and the learning process. I am an elementary teacher and can definitely see how this would keep my students engaged and inspire them to become life-long learners. I really enjoyed this video.

Subsutitue teacher,Graduate Student on line.

That is what I was thinking.

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That is what I was thinking. It would be nice for the students to talk to other people in the community.

Julia Eddy (not verified)

GeoLiteracy Projects

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I enjoyed watching children learn through discovery. I am excited. I hope to engage my 5th graders in a similar activity. I currently teach at a small charter school in Riverdale, Georgia. On our property, it believed that an old train once played an important role during the Civil War. As part of their history course, I want to invite local historians to come and speak to the class and take a look at our treasure. Thank you Edutopia for helping to motivate this teacher!

Sarah Becker (not verified)

Unit 6 Reflection

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I thought this video was really cool and it was fun to watch these kids being so invested in what they were doing. I absolutely loved the high school students helping the 3rd graders with their projects. I think the more opportunities we give students to be teachers the better off they will be. After all, they say you only really know something if you can teach it. I think this is something I will strive to incorporate in my classroom if at all possible.

I am not sure this type of project would be possible for my classroom simply because of time constraints. When you have the same group of kids the entire day, like at an elementary school, you have more options for large, in-depth, on-going projects. I just can imagine how to make it work when I will have many classes of students for only a limited amount of time each day or every other day.

Kristin_Kaylor (not verified)

U6A3: Reflection Journal Entry

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The Geo-Literacy Project: Students Use Technology to Explore Their World video was amazing. Initially, this project brought back memories from when I worked at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, NY because we would work with local summer camps to help educate the children on the salt marsh ecosystem. The children of those camps would then create projects to share with their local communities on how conservation needs to be taken seriously (side note: a lot of the salt marshes became dumping grounds for trash and waste).

I felt that this video introduced a great concept/project to integrate cross-curriculum studies, technology, the community, and allowing students to take an active role in their education by creating a project based on self-directed inquiry. I enjoyed watching the students become engaged, excited, and in control of how they wanted their project to develop so they could correctly capture the history, ecology, resources, and wildlife of their region.

As a teacher, I hope to create a similar project with my students focusing on conservation and preserving the coastal environment. I know that junior and middle school students love hanging out at the beach, and many beaches in our area become polluted with waste and trash. This pollution not only kills native organisms but can affect the migration of various non-native organisms. I feel that if I could integrate a project similiar to the Geo-Literacy project, that students would learn more because they would become actively engaged. Also, I feel when creating a project like this, allowing the students to work with locals and high school/college students would aid in the students understanding, plus allow the students to learn from one another.

MelissaDaigle (not verified)

Geo-Literacy Video Clip

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I really enjoyed watching this clip. I love the idea of older (high school) students taking an instructional role with the younger (3rd grade) students to help them accomplish their goals. The high school students were able to demonstrate how to use different photography equipment to these youngsters so that they could actually do the photography for their new webpage. What a great way to collaborate! These 3rd graders had a great opportunity to see history come to life by taking ownership of their project and it's central question and then visiting these 2 locations to learn about their history. They had some great hands-on experiences for some "lost arts" (e.g. blacksmithing)and all of this was captured on film. I really loved the students' comments at the end about how they thought it would be "really neat" if other schools could do a similar project on a webpage so that they could all learn from each other. That's what it's all about...students learning from each other!

I would like to try and implement something like this with my students. Perhaps it could become a grade level project and each 2nd grade class could be responsible for one element of the project. We have a social studies unit on Communities that might be perfect for such a project.

Jaime Sostmann (not verified)

I really enjoyed this video

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I really enjoyed this video because it integrated history, geology, technology and language arts. The project was motivated by the students and they were engaged in their learning. I learned how exciting it can be for students when they are given more tools to learn information about a project they are doing.

Betsy Esparza (not verified)

Geo-Literacy Video

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1. Describe your initial reactions or thoughts as you watched this video.
I really enjoyed that the kids were getting hands on experience. That kind of experience is fascinating to the kids and it is an incentive to learn more. With that motivation, the teachers got the students to use technology to convey their enthusiasm for history. The technology used was video cameras and digital cameras.

2. What did you learn about technology integration from this video?
That it entices the learning experience.

3. What did you learn about pedagogy (the art of teaching) from this video?
The teachers appeared to love their job, and the kids seemed to love the learning process. The teachers integrated what they could and made it fun.

4. Do you think these types of projects are possible for you and your students? Why or why not?
I think any subject is possible to teach using technology. It only requires creativity.

lisaedgerson (not verified)

English 4

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I enjoyed the interaction with the environment. I would love to allow the students I teach to go into the community in search of comments, thoughts, and ideas that could be shared in cclass

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