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You Are There: The Thinking Person's YouTube

Diane Demee-Benoit

Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia

I was recently introduced to FORA.tv, a new Web site that aggregates videos of discussions and debates on interesting political, social, and cultural issues. If your schedule is anything like mine, it's difficult to find the time to travel to a bookstore to hear a famous author read or to afford the price of a ticket to see a big headliner speak. FORA.tv -- the name is the plural form of forum -- offers an alternative: Sit on your couch with your wireless laptop and listen to a variety of interesting speakers. It's a thinking person's YouTube.

FORA.tv's videos capture an entire presentation or panel discussion, so they are rather long; however, they do a decent job of breaking the video up into chapters, segmenting the speaker's or speakers' topics and themes.

Here are a few FORA.tv videos that might interest Edutopia.org visitors:

Visit these pages and tell us what you think, and share your ideas about how you might use the site in your teaching or in professional development.

Diane Demee-Benoit

Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia
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