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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is free and allows you to make comments, join discussions, follow topics and conversations, and bookmark and save resources for later. Registration is quick and easy!

How do I sign up for the e-newsletter, Edutopia News?

Edutopia's enews is free and publishes weekly. You can sign up here.

You can also check out a sample newsletter.

How do I set up my profile?

We're big believers in the power of people connecting to share tips, tactics, and strategies to improve education. One way to make those connections is to create and fill out your Edutopia profile. Here's how...

If you haven't done so already, join Edutopia. Once you've done that, click where it is says MY PROFILE in the upper right of the page. You'll be taken directly to your current profile.

Click the link to "Edit my Profile," and you can start filling in your information. Fill out as many of the fields as you can, since that'll help people get to know you better. Also, don't forget to upload a picture. If you don't want to use one of yourself, feel free to upload something that represents you.

Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page, and you're done!

How do I write for Edutopia?

Awesome. There are two ways to get started writing for us. You can propose a guest blog by following these guest blog submission guidelines. You can also start writing right away by posting directly to our community by "starting a discussion." Discussions are posts from members of the community (including you!) about a certain education topic. Remember that you must be a member (and signed in) to start a discussion.

You can start a discussion from a topic page or from the Community page.

I'm looking for information about a specific topic, strategy, issue, or subject. How do I find it?

First, check the A-Z list of topics to see if it's there. When in doubt, you can always use the search function. Find the search icon located in the upper right of the page, just under the navigation bar, enter what you're looking for, and voila!

If you still can't find exactly what you're looking for you can refine your search by using the "Open Filters" link, which'll give you the option to filter your search results by grade level and topic. You can also use the tabs (All, Videos, Articles, Blogs, Discussions) to narrow down the results to the kind of information you would like to see.

Where can I post questions or make a comment?

If you have a question about anything you see on our website, go ahead and ask your question in the comments section. Again, you must be registered and signed in to leave a comment (notice a pattern here? :) ).

If your question isn't covered by one of our already existing blogs or videos, you can "Start a Discussion," which includes your question. See above on how to start a discussion.

How can I get alerts when new things are posted?

Click the +Follow button on any page to subscribe to it. Following a topic page will let you know whenever anything new is published to it. Following a blog, video, or community discussion means you will receive alerts whenever someone comments on it.

You can unfollow any page by using the button on the page or the "Edit Subscriptions" link on your MyEdutopia page.

Drats! I don't have time to read all of the good stuff that's on your website

Don't worry, you're not alone:) You can now bookmark pages to read later by clicking the bookmark icon. You need to be registered and signed in to use bookmarks, and they're saved to both your profile and MyEdutopia pages.

I see the MyEdutopia link. What is it?

MyEdutopia is a way for you to collect anything that you like from our website. Your bookmarks and pages that you follow will all show up there. You can also update and change your subscriptions.

What's the difference between following and bookmarking something?

Following a page means you will receive notifications about the activity, comments, etc. Bookmarking simply saves it so you can reference it later.

Can anyone else see MyEdutopia?

Nope. Only you can access your MyEdutopia page, but your bookmarks can also be viewed on your profile, which is public.

How can I hide my bookmarks?

If you'd like to keep your bookmarks private, you can. Just go to your profile and click on the "Edit my Profile" link. Click on the tab for "Settings" and near the bottom of the page is a checkbox to hide your bookmarks. Don't forget to save!

How can I can I change what I see on MyEdutopia?

As you Follow and Bookmark pages, what you see on MyEdutopia will start to fill up. To Unfollow pages, click on the Edit Subscriptions link under the Subscriptions tab. This is also where you can turn off email notifications without unsubscribing from a page. If you want to customize the look and feel of your MyEdutopia, you're out of luck -- this isn't MySpace :)

Who can see My Profile?

Anyone on the internet can see your profile. If you'd like to remain anonymous, you may want change your display name. You may also choose a photo that represents you without being exactly you.

What is My Activity?

The activity tab represents your public activity on Edutopia (your comments, likes, etc.).

Where can I check my messages?

There's an envelope icon in the upper right of your screen. Clicking on it will take you directly to your messages.

How can I send someone a direct message?

Click on the person's name to be redirected to their profile. There you'll see an option just below their photo to send a message. Once your message is sent, they'll receive a notification.

Can I use an excerpt from a video?

We are an educational non-profit and allow our videos to be shared and presented in their entirety for non-commercial and educational purposes. Our policy though does not allow our videos to be excerpted, used as stock footage, or re-edited into other projects.

Not only are we not resourced to provide clips for others to edit into their own videos, but we would need to do more due diligence on your organization and your project before we could comfortably allow our footage to be used in something we're not creating. We simply don't have the person-power to do that at this time. On rare occasions we'll approve the use of a certain clip for an educational documentary film or another non-profit organization's needs, but we typically do not grant this kind of permission, as we then have no control over the output and the context the clips are used in.

You can always refer to our Terms of Use for more information about content usage.

Can I apply for a grant or scholarship from the George Lucas Educational Foundation?

As an operating non-profit foundation, we focus 100% of our resources on using digital media to help people find and share inspirational and innovative models to improve learning.

If you're seeking grants or grant information, make sure to check our weekly-updated resource and grants page.