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Earn confidence and make it a habit!

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Hello, new and veteran teachers! This is my first discussion and I want to share with you some of tips I used during my student-teaching that gave me more energies to continue and feel good through out the day.

I cannot understand, yet, what is like to be a teacher. This will be my first year, but I often get the comment of "Your first year is the hardest", "Your first year is happy, until you get to January  and all the honeymoon is over!", "You will gain weight on your first year of teaching." I wonder and think about myself, what have these teachers gone through that changed them and made them more negative. I like to think these teacher are vocational and they do all with their heart, but may have not received back 100% and may get discouraged.


1. Yeap, I did gain 2-3 kilos during my student teaching. 

2. At the end of the day it was exhausting but I still kept motivation to gave myself time to enjoy myself.

First of all, gave yourself 30 minutes of excersise. It doesn´t have to be intensive workout or lifting weight, walking, running, biking will give you the boost to increase self-confidence and of course healthy lifestyle. When I discovered the beauty of spinning, motivation increased to 90% and the 10% is normal to have, but those days at least I try to walk 15-30 minutes. I like to think that those 2-3 kilos where for a good benefit. I was student-teaching in a Life Skills Special Education classroom and some times I had to carry a small boy with cerebral palsy. I was too skinny and many times went slightly to the front, so gaining a bit of weight gave my student and myself more security.

Second, it is very important to watch and know how you eat what you eat. When you eat with pleasure and joy, calories won´t count laughing burns them, smiling burns them. When you eat angry and regretful thinking about how much weight you are going to gain from eating that food, it will affect you. Choose natural, or should I say think about your food as being natural part of and a need to re-boost your day. Choose good sugar, like apples or if you are watching out your weight then go for pears (this ones do not have as much sugar as apples, and have a lot of fiber, so cholesteron will be carried away). And remember to drink water when your body ask you for (thirsty). I am a frim believer that I do not have to drink 2 liters of water, becuse fruits and vegetables also have water; also, not everyone needs only 2 liters, some may need less or more depending on what your body ask you. Listen to your body.

Third and last, (few! that top paragraph was long! but I hope informative) find time to do your hobbie. When you find space to do your hobbie you will become more relaxed and it is a time for personal growth. Relax and enjoy that moment to give a momentarily pleasure to your brain, and this will send you more positive toxins/chemicals. 

I hope this tips will help you, and share them with others. I send you a really big and good vibe hug. May your teaching days be always full of joy. 


Miss Gomez 

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Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

Hi Miss Gomez,
Thanks for sharing your advice for keeping fit and happy. During the school year it can be difficult to maintain those routines and turn them into habits, especially when starting teaching. I'd love to see you regularly check in and let us know how it's going for you.

Lina Raffaelli's picture
Lina Raffaelli
Former Community Engagement Intern at Edutopia

These are some very practical and helpful pointers. Some of them seem explanatory, but in the hectic flow of first-year teaching I think they can get buried. I agree with Dan, please keep us posted about how things are going!

Gaetan Pappalardo's picture
Gaetan Pappalardo
Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

This is the dead truth. When I exercise, eat well, and do my hobbies, I feel like a million bucks = better teacher, parent, and husband. I have to say that exercise is probably the best out of all three for me. If I had to choose one to make me feel better, it would be exercise. My thinking focuses, patience extends, and energy rises. Yes!

Miss Gomez's picture
Miss Gomez
Bilingual Special Education-Life Skills Teacher. Austin, TX

Hi Dan!
Well, here is my update.
I just started trainings and so far so good, I have been able to keep up with my exercise routine. Sometimes when I am short with time I just go for a 15 min. fast walk and it helps a lot. Also, bringing high protein and natural sugar treats to work helps me be awake (tuna, tofu, chicken, beans...). I hope that this school year you find some space to fit this suggestions in your schedule. It can be tight but not impossible :)The same word says it "i'm possible."

Miss Gomez

Miss Gomez's picture
Miss Gomez
Bilingual Special Education-Life Skills Teacher. Austin, TX

Hi Lina,
Well, I must say that so far so good. I have been able to fit exercise time into my schedule. I have been attending trainings, decorating classroom, and some lesson planning and I am able to keep it up with my routine. Also, it could also be that my body is used to exercising every day at least 15 min quick walk is its request when its too tired. Nevertheless, I hope that this year you would be able to fit some exercise to your schedule I am pretty sure it will relieve so much stress. Please keep me updated if you need any help. Thanks for posting!

Miss Gomez.

Miss Gomez's picture
Miss Gomez
Bilingual Special Education-Life Skills Teacher. Austin, TX

Thanks for posting!
And I totally agree with you it is so stress relieving. Now I made a little change to my exercise routine: 5 am workout. Now that I started with trainings, classroom decoration, and a bit of lesson planning at the end of the day I was very tired to do exercise, so I decided to change it for the early morning. Its been almost a week that I made the change and I have to say that I love it! First of all, I have more energies throughout the day. Second, I have more evenings free to spend with my colleagues or loved ones. But I do notice one thing since I have made the change, I crave for lots of sugar. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing. Any other suggestions, keep me posted.

Miss Gomez

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