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Welcome to the Digital Generation

Sync up with the new generation of connected learners. The Digital Generation Project presents video portraits of the lives of young students from around the country who are using digital media to learn, communicate, and socialize in new and exciting ways.
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Welcome to the Digital Generation (Transcript)

Teacher 1: -- the most important things we learn about the galaxy, the great power of the universe. And please look around you--

Voice Over: This is the digital generation.

Girl 1: I text more than I call people. Like no one calls anyone anymore.

Girl 2: My iPod is like my entire life.

Voice Over: A generation of kids raised in a media rich, networked world of infinite possibilities.

Boy 1: A lot of my movies are special effects, things that you really couldn't do in real life.

Voice Over: They are learning, communicating and socializing in new and exciting ways.

Boy 2: I'm showing video to the other people that are in the meeting to get them to help review.

Voice Over: For them, technology is more than a tool. It's an essential component of everyday life that frames their world view.

Girl 3: These are all different people in need in Haiti, and click on one of these families. Learn more.

Voice Over: But there's more to their world than just playing with cool gadgets. It's about engagement.

Boy 2: Okay, guys, join.

Voice Over: Self directed learning.

Boy 3: It's not just animation. You need to know a lot of different things like biology, to see how things move.

Voice Over: Creativity.

Girl 4: This is my avatar as she typically will look.

Voice Over: And empowerment.

Girl 5: Do you think there can be people that will try and hurt you on a website? I'm teaching young, elementary kids how to stay safe online.

Voice Over: They're hyper connected to their friends and family, mastering new tools and techniques with ease.

Girl 1: I like this 'cause it's competitive and it's really using strategy in your mind.

Henry Jenkins: For those kids who become leaders of guilds in World of Warcraft, that's as much an experience as being the captain of the football team, being the editor of the school newspaper.

Voice Over: Behind every successful kid are adults and peers who guide, motivate and support them.

Akili Lee: Kids on their own are jumping across from all these different mediums, so we really need to kinda explore all of them as well, and try to support kids to become better producers and consumers.

Did you put sound in it?

Boy 5: It's annoying. I don't like it anymore.

Kevin: Very rarely, the kids look at instruction manuals these days. They are empowered to just go out and learn, and if I'm a parent and I'm wondering, "Wow, how do I provide the technology resources for my children?" just get outta their way.

Liz Perle: Hey, this digital life, it's a good thing. It's gonna help your kids create, meet people, explore, compose, express themselves. They have more powerful tools than they've ever had in any generation in history.

Voice Over: This is the digital generation. Welcome to their world.

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Video Credits

Produced and Directed by

  • Ken Ellis

Coordinating Producer

  • Lauren Rosenfeld


  • Karen Sutherland

Camera Crew

  • Mike Elwell
  • Doug Keely

Production Support

  • Amy Erin Borovoy

Written by

  • Ken Ellis
  • Chris Walsh


  • Peter Coyote


  • Ed Bogas

Special Thanks to

  • Michael Pritchard
  • Jason Lustig
  • Jeff Fillingim-Selk
  • and students at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

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