How to Use New-Media Tools in Your Classroom (Video Playlist) | Edutopia
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How to Use New-Media Tools in Your Classroom (Video Playlist)

In these brief user-generated video clips, educators from around the country give lessons about specific technology and social-media tools you can use with your students. More to this story.
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How to Use New-Media Tools in Your Classroom (Video Playlist) (Transcript)

Suzie Boss on Twitter

Suzie: Hi, I'm Suzie Boss. I'm a writer and consultant from Portland, Oregon. It's a Saturday morning in Portland. I'm up and about, and out visiting at a wonderful gallery. But I know that teachers around the world are up and busy and thinking and learning about all kinds of things, because I've seen what they're posting about in little short bursts of content on Twitter. So at 140 characters they've told me that they're attending conferences about 21st Century learning and authentic assessment, and they're providing some updates about that. I know that others have just added some new podcasts to their blogs and I want to go back and visit later. I heard a little bit of discussion between a couple of folks I follow about some new research that I know I want to spend a little time reading and thinking about. So Twitter is kind of a big global room that lets you pay attention to conversations that interest you. You decide as the user whose updates are worth your time and your interest to follow. You decide how close to the conversation you want to get. You may want to kind of linger around the edges, lurk a little bit, and just listen in. Or you may want to step right in and add something to the dialogue. It's really up to you as the user. Twitter gives educators an opportunity to talk to each other, to connect with other people who are interested in what they're interest what might, to take discussions in new directions. And mainly to know that they're part of a bigger community of people who have shared interests, and have things to teach and learn together. So it's a tool for connecting, for learning, for researching, for being pretty active out in the world, and I think those are all things that are great for teachers to be doing, and also for teachers to be modeling. I'm also hearing some interesting ways that teachers are using Twitter with their students, but I think maybe that's another story we might come back to in the future.

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These videos were produced and submitted by Edutopia bloggers and contributors from around the country.

These seven video tips on using technology in your classroom were made by Edutopia bloggers and contributors. Click the images below to view the clips on YouTube.

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