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Daring Dozen Map

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The Daring Dozen Map

Go around the world with the Daring Dozen.

Angus King/2004

Former governor of Maine and author of the initiative that provided every student in the state with a laptop computer.

Arthur Rolnick

Federal Reserve banker who advocates for publicly funded early-childhood education in a language business and government leaders can understand: economics. He estimates the economic return on investment in preschool at up to $17 for every dollar spent.

Bernice Fedestin/2004

Student documentarian turned education activist.

Carol Flexer/2006

Audiologist who helps all students hear and be heard.

Claudette Morton

One-stop resource for staff development, research, and technical assistance to Montana\'s fragile and isolated rural school system.

David Rose/2004

Co-founder of the Center for Applied Special Technology, which designs learning tools for children of all abilities.

David Sobel

Enemy of "ecophobia" and guru of place-based education, in which students base projects with real-world impact on the history, culture, and ecology of their own communities.

Dennis Littky & Eliot Washor/2006

Founders of the Big Picture Company, which designs schools that are personalized learning environments.

Edward Burns

The real-life cop turned teacher behind HBO\'s hit series The Wire, which catalogues the conditions that undermine learning in urban schools.

Father Gerard Pantin

Creator of Trinidad and Tobago\'s community-based-education organization Servol and advocate of its guiding philosophy: Before you start trying to help people, ask them what they need. And listen.

James Billington 2004

The Librarian of Congress and leader behind the Library\'s vast online archive.

Jean Johnson

Helmswoman of Notschool.net, a growing U.K. program that revives curiosity and ambition in disaffected teens through online mentoring and this revolutionary concept: Teach them what they want to learn.

John W. Rogers Jr.

Financial-services CEO and investor in kids -- literally, to the tune of $20,000 per first-grade class at Chicago\'s Ariel Community Academy. The children invest the money through eighth grade and use the proceeds mainly for charity and college savings.

Jove Jankulovski

Builder of bridges between Macedonian and Albanian youth, whose countries have been at odds, using the Internet as a tool to foster collaboration and understanding.

Joy Hakim/2006

Author whose history and science textbooks enliven the middle school curriculum.

Laurie M. Tisch

Philanthropist and activist ensuring that New York City children from all economic strata have access to arts instruction and events -- an arena of equality she calls an inalienable right for all.

Luma Mufleh

Soccer coach, school coach, life coach, and champion of dozens of refugee children from war-ravaged countries in suburban Atlanta.

Mark Leon

Blue-haired agitator and organizer for NASA\'s Robotics Alliance Project and other initiatives to encourage kids to become roboticists.

Mary Keller

Creator of the Military Child Education Coalition, which helps the children of military families make smooth transitions into new schools when a serving parent is assigned to a new location.

Mitchel Resnick/2006

Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT\'s Media Lab, which brings free-form learning styles to students of all ages.

Ninive Clements Calegari

Cofounder of the 826 National writing centers, which tap local talent to provide one-on-one feedback for thousands of student writers and their teachers.

Richard G. Baraniuk

Founder of Connexions, an online knowledge repository where anyone can create lessons through open source authoring. It\'s a malleable, paperless, modern version of the textbook.

Robert Moses/2004

Founder of the Algebra Project, which brings math literacy to at-risk students across the nation.

Rosy Aguila

Pioneer in teaching teachers to use the Internet for online, collaborative projects throughout Argentina.

Sugata Mitra

Inventor of the off-the-wall idea for Hole-in-the-Wall Education: Put a free computer workstation in the wall of a poor New Delhi neighborhood, and the local children will quickly learn to use it through their own curiosity and experimentation. He calls it "minimally invasive education."

Tommie Hamaluba

Founder of the grassroots Eradication of Malaria Project, in which his students educate themselves about malaria and teach their communities in Botswana about prevention.

Zach Bjornson-Hooper/2006

A teenager already on his way to changing the world.

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