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Daring Dozen 2008 Map

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Charles Best

A teacher whose own experience led him to create Donorschoose.org, a system that connects educators in need of supplies with folks who are willing to donate them.

Barbara Morgan

Career teacher and astronaut who took a trip to the International Space Station aboard the space shuttle, carrying cinnamon basil seeds for project learning back on Earth.

Claudia Zea

Technology helps her to promote learning as an antidote to violence.

Clotilde Fonseca

Bring positive social change through technology integration.

Dennis Harper

As the head of GenYES, he is harnessing student-led technology support for the benefit of whole school communities -- in the U.S. and abroad.

Derek Wenmoth

Delivering high quality education as broadly as technology will allow.

Douglas D. Christensen

An early critic of NCLB, Nebraska\'s state commissioner of education is implementing a new and innovative approach to student assessment

Ed Gragert

Organizing students who use technology to interact and collaborate as global citizens

Feysal Osman

Making learning happen in a war-torn land using shortwave radio.

Heba Ramzy

Using Web-based programs rich in cultural heritage to bridge people and continents.

Laurie O'Donnell

Creating intranet ties to bind a nation\'s schools.

Maxine Greene

An important educational philosopher who has advocated intellectual adventure and risk in the pursuit of knowledge for three decades.

Michelle Rhee

As chancellor of schools in Washington, D.C., this young teacher tackles one of the toughest jobs in education armed with some of the boldest reforms.

Nidya Baez

A budding teacher who played a key role in creating the school in her community where she will start her career.

Pablo Munoz

This New Jersey school superintendent plans to make technology a part of education for all students -- starting as early as prekindergarten

Roger P. Weissberg

A leading advocate of social and emotional learning strives to give this important level of intelligence an official place in every classroom.

Sakhalin Finnie

An award-winning teacher, and former chemical engineer, who teaches science in project-centered, student-centered classes.

Van Jones

The founding president of Green for All hopes to train students for jobs in an economy focused on sustainability

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