The Daring Dozen 2008: Our Heroes

Daring Dozen 2008

Dennis Harper
Nidya Baez
Charles Best
Maxine Greene
Van Jones
Michelle Rhee
Edwin Gragert
Roger Weissberg
Sakhalin Finnie
Pablo Munoz
Barbara Morgan
Douglas Christensen

Even as the most optimistic activists in education begin to feel alone and unheard in the wilderness, we find evidence that the ranks of reformers are growing and their pleas for technology integration, project learning, integrated curriculum, collaborative learning, new methods of assessment are having more impact.

The trenches are full of folks whose courage, imagination, and inexhaustible spirit are bringing enlightenment to education, sometimes one school or one classroom at a time. In this, our annual roster of Daring Dozen and Global Six designees, we have selected a handful from a worthy multitude to celebrate in the magazine and on May their stories inform and inspire you as they have us.

Douglas Cruickshank is the former editor of

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Josh (not verified)

Doug Christensen--Education Daring Dozen

Being an educator in NE, I was happy to see our DoE commish on the list. Having said that, he's been overruled by our legislature this week. He's busted his rear end for us for years only to have government knock him back down. I thought it was ironic that I got the magazine the same week statewide testing was signed into law.

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