Teaching Students to Work Together

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I am really glad to see a middle school with innovative ideas. I need to find more for my school. We need to move past the same old stuff and get our kids more engaged.

Sparen (not verified)

Good project! Here in the

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Good project! Here in the Netherlands they started something similar, but it is very successful ... yet

Hypotheek (not verified)

Excellent video. I found

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Excellent video. I found this video through Google and I also would like to have more information about your school and team teaching.

Lening (not verified)

Team teaching

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Very interesting video! I am getting more and more excited about team teaching after reading your article.

Diane (not verified)

Contact info for Landry Middle School

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Eual J. Landry Middle School
108 Tiger Circle
Hahnville, LA 70057
Diane Powell, Principal
Phone: (985) 783-6636
Fax: (985) 783-6638
Email: dpowell@stcharles.k12.la.us


middle school ed

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I am doing my ed admin thesis in middle level edu and I found the video to be outstanding. I would like more info about your school

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