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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

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Contact Us

Get Involved

1. Share your ideas in a guest blog post

We’re here to amplify the voices of people on the front lines of improving education. Blog posts should be positive, proactive, and actionable and should focus on K-12 education. Please note that the Edutopia editorial process is more thorough than that of many other websites. If your proposal is accepted, an Edutopia editor may work with you to do at least one round of revisions to create a piece that will have more impact on the Edutopia audience. Contributors tell us frequently that they appreciate the extra care and attention they receive when working with Edutopia editors to make a blog post that resonates with the people they’re trying to reach.

Before preparing a submission, be sure to check out our Editorial Calendar to get a sense of the subjects we cover.

Guest Blog Submission Guidelines

Email GUESTBLOG at EDUTOPIA (dot) ORG with “Guest Blog: [Proposed Post Title]” in the subject line, and make sure to include the following information in your message:

  1. A few sentences describing your proposed post and a high-level outline (keep in mind that finished blog posts should be between 750-850 words)
  2. A few words about who the target audience for your blog would be (e.g., high school math teachers or reform-minded educators)
  3. An 80-word bio of yourself, with details about your role in education (bonus if you complete all the fields of an Edutopia member profile and link to it here)
  4. Three to five links to other pieces you've written
  5. Full disclosure of any commercial interest in any products or services mentioned
  6. Your Twitter handle and a link to your Facebook page (if you have these)

Note that practical, actionable posts tend to do best. Self-promotional pitches will not be accepted. If you are submitting an attachment, put your name in the title of the attachment and in the body of the post. Submissions to Edutopia are subject to our Terms of Use.

Note: Edutopia deeply appreciates the time and energy required to prepare a proposal for our consideration. We are always looking for new sources of solid, useful ideas that can improve the learning process. Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we have to say no to a lot of pieces, including many good ones. While we are not able to respond substantively to everyone, please know that we read all proposals closely, and we do our best to respond within six to eight weeks. We thank you for your interest.

2. Share your ideas on Edutopia now

If you don’t want to jump through all the hoops of formally submitting a blog post and just want to see your thoughts on Edutopia.org, you’re welcome to post in our community immediately. Feel free to tweet about it, and we may even help promote it!

3. Become an Edutopia.org facilitator

Edutopia facilitators are the backbone of our community. They are mentors and connectors, sparking conversations and helping community members find answers to their questions. Each facilitator is experienced in his or her field and dedicated to empowering educators and parents to make a difference for students. Want to be a more active voice in this community? Email COMMUNITY at EDUTOPIA (dot) ORG.

4. Make a tax-deductible donation

Donations to Edutopia support our mission, often in honor or remembrance of important people in your life. One hundred percent of all tax-deductible donations to Edutopia are invested in content, research, or programming. Make your donation online today or email DONATION at EDUTOPIA (dot) ORG.

5. Advertise with us

Even though we’re a not-for-profit foundation, we still depend on advertising revenue. Learn how you can position your brand within the most trusted brand in K-12 education.

Get Help

Have technical questions? Email WEBMASTER at EDUTOPIA (dot) ORG.

Run into something that’s acting funky or broken on our website? Let us know!

Make sure to include this information:

  • The URL of the page you’re reporting about
  • The specific problem you’re having
  • The version of your computer’s or mobile device’s operating system and browser
Want us to sponsor your edcamp? Email SPONSORSHIP at EDUTOPIA (dot) ORG.

We are particularly passionate about supporting the edcamp movement. If you are an edcamp organizer and would like us to send you in-kind donations (Edutopia schwag or raffle items), email us at least a month before your edcamp, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Note: Edcamps are growing quickly, and while we’ll do our best to sponsor all, we may not be able to fulfill every request.

Get Heard

Share your feedback. Email FEEDBACK at EDUTOPIA (dot) ORG.

Reach out to us and give us your feedback. We’re constantly updating our website and our various community sites to make them even more useful for you, and your feedback helps us do that.

Get other info. Email INFO at EDUTOPIA (dot) ORG.

Didn’t see what you’re looking for? Use this info email address to share what’s on your mind. And before you ask, alas, no, we can’t give you money. We are not a grant-writing organization. But make sure you check out our Grants and Resources list (updated weekly).

Reach out on social media

You also can always tweet us @edutopia on Twitter or post on our wall on our Facebook page. And of course, you’re always welcome to share our resources -- we will be eternally grateful and may even follow you if you do!

Get Connected

Snail mail address:

The George Lucas Educational Foundation
PO Box 3494
San Rafael, CA 94912-3494