Teacher Events

A directory of conferences and other professional-development opportunities for educators.

A directory of conferences and other professional-development opportunities for educators.

February 2010

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) 2011 Annual Convention, Feb. 22-25, San Francisco, CA

March 2010

ASCD Annual Conference, March 26-28, San Francisco, CA
(Edutopia is a Media Sponsor and Presenter)

April 2010

2011 NSBA Annual Conference, April 9-11, San Francisco, CA
(Edutopia is a Media Sponsor and Presenter)

Inciting the Social Imagination (American Educational Research Association), April 8-12, New Orleans, LA

June 2010

ISTE Annual Conference, June 26-29, Philadelphia, PA

October 2010

ASCD's Fall Conference on Teaching & Learning, Oct. 29-31, Chicago, IL
(Edutopia is keynoting)

July 2009

National Conference on Differentiated Instruction
19-22, Las Vegas

Learn, network, and have fun as you explore more than 260 solution-filled sessions, talk with authors, and listen to speakers.

Helping Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties in the K-12 Classroom
20-23, New York City

Spend four days looking at research for writing, content literacy, and reading for K-12, as well as reading-intervention practices.

Technology Institute for Developmental Educators
26-31, San Marco, Texas

A five-day workshop of mentoring and hands-on activities to enhance your technology know-how.

Teaching for Global Understanding in the 21st Century
27-31, Boston

Explore new ways to prepare your students to think and learn in an interconnected world.

Milwaukee Digital Media Conference
27-30, Milwaukee

Follow the student track for students in grades 3-6, or take your secondary school students to this conference for hands-on learning about practical real-world technologies, and projects you can take back to the classroom.

Visible Power: Art in National Life
27-31, Berkeley, California

This free teacher event (with registration) provides a connection between unique art and historical themes such as peace and conflict, and migration and encounters.

ePals Conference
28, Boston

This year's conference is presented in conjunction with the Building Learning Communities Conference to create dialogue between professionals about research and practices that students can implement globally.

Teaching for Learning: Connecting Brain and Cognitive Science With the Classroom
28-31, Los Angeles

Intensive summer training covering student learning and behavior, with a special focus on several areas, including teaching students with learning disabilities and innovative assessment methods.

August 2009

Bridging Literacies: Critical Connections in a Digital World
1-4, Detroit

Connect with new classroom media for a deeper understanding of best practices, grassroots organizations, resources, and curriculum.

Lincoln Center Institute National Educator Workshop
3-7, Albany, New York

Professional artists share their practices to help you create new ways of unlocking imagination by engaging with works of art.

Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning
4-7, Madison, Wisconsin

Get ready to expand your understanding of best practices and resources about distance learning and training, with insights from around the globe.

Differentiation and Giftedness
10-12, Crandon, Wisconsin

Meet your student's classroom needs at this conference is differentiated for administrators and teachers.

The Brain, Learning, and Applications
18-19, Avon, Connecticut

Incorporate the latest brain research into your teaching practices. Some of the topics the institute will cover include ADD and ADHD, cognitive development, reading disorders, neuroanatomy, memory and recall, and emotions and learning.

September 2009

Bridges to Understanding: Teaching That Matters for English Learners
23-25, Los Angeles

Learn ways to engage your ELL students through hands-on curriculum that allows for participation, growth, and support.

This article originally published on 4/29/2009

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Bars (not verified)

Hello, I am involved in

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Hello, I am involved in Educause professional development, you can check all opportunities here http://www.educause.edu/pd

Wayne Borders (not verified)

21st Century Learners Symposium

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Instructional Technology Outreach (ITO), a division of Technology Services at the Los Angeles County Office of Education presents the 21st Century Learners Symposium, Friday, October 23, 2009, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at California State University, Los Angeles. This is a regional conference for classroom teachers, school principals, district administrators, and state leadership, all interested in meeting the needs of learners in the 21st Century. The October event will include:

* Keynote and featured speakers
* Hands on presentations and workshops
* An exhibit area featuring innovative instructional technology tools and services

Past presenters have included Alan November, Marc Prensky, Cheryl Lemke, and David Thornburg. Attendees will include more than 400 teachers, administrators, superintendents, and other education technology leaders. We also expect participation from neighboring counties as well as staff from the California Department of Education.

ITO promotes the effective use of technology to improve teaching, learning, and administration in Los Angeles County schools and districts. The 21st Century Learners Symposium is one of many professional development opportunities offered by ITO and its CTAP 11, Multimedia Services, and Professional Reference Services units.

Molly McCoy (not verified)

Race, Ethnicity, and Identity through European Soccer

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University of Minnesota's Institute for Global Studies
June 29 - July 2, 2009
Minneapolis, MN

This class looks at how the sport acts to illuminate both long-standing ethnic and sectarian divisions within European society, as well as newer racially related grievances. Designed to connect teachers of World History and Social Studies with new ideas for teaching European content.

Molly McCoy (not verified)

SE Asian Refugee Camps and Migration - Institute for Educators

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June 22 - 26, 2009
Minneapolis, MN

This institute will examine the refugee movements and refugee camps of mainland Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar/Burma) in the wake of violent Cold War politics and into the twenty-first century.

Molly McCoy (not verified)

Being Somali in the Diaspora - Institute for Teachers

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The institute is intended to be for educators or students of any discipline who teach any age group who are interested in the broad areas of refugee studies, identity formation, Diaspora communities and education. By focusing on the photographs in the exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum, participants will develop new understandings and personal connections to the Somali community which translate into innovations in teaching practices, outreach to families, or school climate reforms.

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