The Edutopia Community Principles

Our community is dedicated to connecting people who want to improve the learning process.

1) Why we're here.

We are teachers, administrators, policy makers, parents, technology staff, librarians, college students, and other educators who are committed to positive change in education. While we face many challenges in today's education system, we see even more opportunities. We look forward to helping each other innovate -- from large scale reform to day-to-day tips -- with clarity and integrity.

2) Permission to innovate.

Edutopia welcomes innovators in education. We invite ideas that seem wacky or risky or undoable, as well as those that are practical, proven, and within reach.

3) Productive and constructive.

Our approach to all problems is to be productive and constructive -- both in praise and in criticism. And, while we realize that innovating often feels like a Sisyphean task in the face of tighter budgets and industrial-age assessment requirements, we are committed to ensuring that the discourse maintains a standard of respect between all community members.

4) Interdependence.

If the 21st century has taught us anything so far, it's that networks of like-minded people can move mountains. We are encouraged and inspired by these myriad opportunities for collaboration, and the ability to do so without geographical limits. The Edutopia community recognizes this interdependence as a requirement for any sort of success.

5) Transparency, privacy, and identity.

With the advent of social media and ubiquitous Internet access, the social contract around privacy and identity is changing rapidly. What was once considered private info is often given freely in exchange for better service, additional information, or entertainment.

Each person brings his or her unique set of needs around privacy and identity (see our privacy policy). The Edutopia community values transparency to the extent it can promote discourse and constructive action without compromising the privacy of our members.

Thank you for taking time to review these principles. We welcome your comments.

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co-founder I am Bullyproof Music

Glad to be here

I am excited to engage here. Teachers have so much influence on the attitudes of their students--they can't even know. New ideas are everything in a world that is changing so quickly. If we stay current and fluid as teachers, we can do the most good. This is a great site!

Fourth Grade math teacher form Spence Elementary, Houston Tx

I am looking information

I am looking information about the role of a building principal in the budget development process; any idea where to go?

I seek all your help in

I seek all your help in getting through successfully............... in my professional career. I do go through the net for my project works and I was selected the best along with others for my project on biology which I had selected through Internet.

thanking you sirs,

aruna sesha kumari

Student at study in bac bus admins healthcare management.

I have know comment on what

I have know comment on what he dose but all i can say He first need to started trying to get help his self before some one else can.He have to make the first move to show someone that he are ready to make a change are call a advisor for help/.

Browsing the Internet takes a

Browsing the Internet takes a lot of students time and as teachers it is our duty to guide students use their browsing time profitably.

Education is the key to

Education is the key to unlock the door of knowledge and knowledge is power. On this note l urge you to stay focus and that you will live to see the number of people you have supported by opening that school. I share your vision of creating/ putting up schools

Home School 6th - 8th grade Game Programming

I had no idea sites like this

I had no idea sites like this exist and I am very interested in sharing ideas as I rewrite my lesson plans to match emerging California state standards in game design. I will need the support of communities like this to go through the long hours ahead to get my materials ready for the fall.

Seventh grade language arts teacher from Louisville, Kentucky

Jonie, Congratulations on

Jonie, Congratulations on your bold move. I wish you all the best in this endeavor.

Schools in Fiji are

Schools in Fiji are undergoing a lot of changes to be on par with the global community.The primary change is that of removal of exams up till Forms 6 and Forms 7. The shift to authentic assessment has not been a very welcome one for some teachers/parents due to their 'mindset' about children not doing their best academically. The colonial legacy of individualism and competitiveness hinders holistic development of our children.

Education and Training Director at 8 to Great™

Hi Mona, I hear what you're

Hi Mona,

I hear what you're saying about teachers and parents not welcoming change. Most humans are "creatures of habit." Change is often uncomfortable. It is nice to see you are someone who understands that change is just part of life.

We have an award-winning process in the United States called 8 to Great.™ It is a success skills curriculum that is being taught in hundreds of schools across the country. It has shown to help:

- decrease bullying/violence.
- decrease or eliminate office referrals.
- decrease apathy and failure rates in high-needs students.
- improve grades and test scores.
- re-energize staff members.

It is definitely a more holistic approach to education and something you can learn online. It may be the solution for which you are looking. Feel free to contact me for more information.


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