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Building Community Partnerships: Resource Roundup

There's no doubt that schools can benefit from the resources and expertise of local businesses, organizations, and individuals. In this roundup, explore examples and strategies for initiating and fostering successful business and community partnerships.
By Ashley Cronin

Benefits of Community & Business Partnerships

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Specific Tips and Strategies for Educators

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Forging Partnerships for Project-Based Learning

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Examples of Successful Partnerships

Explore examples of successful business and community partnerships to support career readiness, service learning, and afterschool and enrichment programs.

Fostering Career Readiness

Creating Opportunities for Service Learning

Supporting Afterschool Learning and Enrichment Programs

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Have you built successful community or business partnerships with your class, school, or district? Are you aware of other helpful resources? Please share your experiences and any additional resources in the comments.


Originally Published September 27, 2010

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Maria Peterson's picture
Maria Peterson
Vending Machine Business

Awesome post very much informative... This post was very much helpful for me...

teamamericafund's picture
Business Teacher now helping schools

Great! I also enjoyed reading this post as its a win-win situation for all!

Cindy Mayer's picture

It is great that successful people take care of young generation. I think that modern educators have to be really open-minded and find new ways and ideas to make their subject interesting. I think that youth nowadays is extremely talented, but at the same time they are very demanding. The need to see the best examples ( http://britishessaywriter.co.uk/ presents best examples of academic papers) There are some teachers that complain that the existing system is terrible and that it is impossible to bring up competitive students here but as we see they are wrong. The only thing that matters is desire.

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