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Eric Schwarz, President and CEO

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Eric Schwarz is president and CEO of Citizen Schools. Prior to founding Citizen Schools, Schwarz worked for five years at City Year, the AmeriCorps national youth-service program, where he served as vice president for organizational development and, later, as executive director of City Year Boston. Schwarz earned a master's degree at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Eric Schwarz wants to hear from you.

Use the comment field below to get in touch with Schwarz. Posted questions and comments are forwarded directly to program participants. (Scroll down through existing comments first to see whether your question has previously been answered.)

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Ernest Jackson's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I am the principal of the Chester Middle School in Chester, NY. I want to start a citizen school program ASAP. Please contact me at 570-687-6907 cell or 845-469-2231 work.

Ernest Jackson

Jimmie Wright's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I run a program at an alternative school, Olympia Learning Center in Columbia, S.C. I want to start a Citizen School Program. Please contact me at 803- 400- 1650 ext 1410 or 803-543-6397 cell.

Susan Newton's picture

I was very excited to hear that a program existed that I have been dreaming about for years. I think a "Fun ed" class for all agaes, but geared to the younger ages. Using closed down malls I could see us building a learning center that teaches any subject. Playing an insterment to painting, cooking, raising children, or computers. Experienced people could voulnteer to teach what ever they are qualified to do. I wrote to Discovery last month and told them a show that featured different classrooms aroung the United States would be very popular. Think of trying to teach how to work on cars geared to 11 years old. They could start with very basis and work up to rebuilding a hot rod. How about cooking, sewing, dancing, fiddling, exercise. photogrphy. We could also have classes that help children be better in public school and graduate. But a lot of young kids dont continue and graduate and they need skills to support their famlies. If we brought the family into a safe enviroment provided them a means to buy their kids supper, and then relax or take a class at the same time their child was taking a class we could change peoples lives. Meet the needs of families just trying to keep it together in todays fast world.
I would love to come meet with you and explain in a little more detail my ideas.S Newton 903-815-1341

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