Can segregated school districts be effective?

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Chris O'Neal (not verified)

I've been in the education

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I've been in the education field for about 18 years, and have worked in numerous schools, some being composed of one single race, others very mixed. The schools in which there was basically only one race had children with sometimes skewed views of other races, and I watched those views get more ingrained as the students progressed in grade level. Those views were not necessarily all positive. In the schools that consisted of a mix of cultures and races, children were exposed to other viewpoints, by nature, on a day-to-day basis. In those instances, I saw children that, in my opinion, were better able to understand, appreciate, and respect the differences between their own race and that of others. It was a great learning experience for everyone, and I would like to think it flowed into their adult lives, making them more harmonious as adults living in a country that consists of races and cultures. I hope this "unintentional segregation" doesn't build unnecessary walls.
Sandra Lippman (not verified)

All of us are stakeholders

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All of us are stakeholders in the future of today's children in one way or another, and we should never stop reminding one another that today's students are ultimately tomorrow's adults. What is critical, well above whether a school is segregated or not segrated, is that educational programs and learning experiences create skillful thinkers, skillful decision-makers and skillful problem-solvers; with strong core knowledge and ethical principles. What is taught and what is learned, and how that is accomplished will shape an individual with respect for themselves and others, no matter what the demographics of a school are, or where the lessons happen to take place.
rashmi (not verified)

I've been in teaching

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I've been in teaching profession for past 20yrs. Personally , based on my experience as a teacher and student, i feel separate classes for boys and girls is better.
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