About Us

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GLEF Board of Directors

George Lucas, Chairman
Stephen D. Arnold, Vice Chairman/CFO
Cindy Johanson, Secretary of the Board
Robert Bradley
Kristin De Vivo
Mellody Hobson
Kim Meredith
Kate Nyegaard
Marshall Turner


Christian Amundson, Web Video Producer
Gustavo Arizmendi, Advertising Traffic and Sales Development Coordinator
Kristin Atkins, Schools That Work Producer
Amy Erin Borovoy, Senior Manager of Video Programming, Production, & Curation
Tyler Burke, Software Engineer
Brian Chan, Director, Finance
Laurie Chu, Web Production Manager
Ashley Cronin, Digital Resource Curator
Kristin De Vivo, Executive Director, GLEF Research
Melissa Essinger, Research Assistant
Chip Fesko, Sr. Director of Advertising and Sponsorships
Kristen Franklin, Managing Editor
Julie Gold, Accountant
Billy Hawes, Desktop Support Specialist
Eric Hestenes, Director, Product Development and Technology
Daniel Jarvis, Video Editor
Cindy Johanson, Executive Director, Edutopia
Elly Jonez, Software Engineer
Doug Keely, Associate Producer
Jenny Kolcun, Creative Director
Julia Lee, Schools That Work Production Coordinator
Elana Leoni, Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing
Diana Payette, Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Samer Rabadi, Online Community Manager
Betty Ray, Director, Programming & Innovation
Danielle Sigmon, Social Media Marketing Assistant
Youki Terada, Research Assistant
Jonathan Tuttle, Senior Design Consultant
Rob Wohleb, Software Engineer

Senior Fellow

Milton Chen, PhD, Senior Fellow and Executive Director Emeritus