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Anne OBrienMarch 21, 2012

According to the recent MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, teachers, parents and students all agree that parent engagement in schools has increased over the past 25 years. Given the role that family engagement plays in not only academic success, but life success, that is great news. However, the survey also noted that parent engagement remains a challenge for many schools.

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Suzie BossMay 5, 2011

For students who are curious about science, a medical center offers a world of interesting questions to investigate. Since 2005, hundreds of motivated high school students have spent their summers as paid interns at the esteemed Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, where they conduct original research about everything from hand-washing protocols to heart disease. They present their completed projects, science-fair style, to medical experts and other community members.

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Suzie BossSeptember 20, 2010

Intolerance may be one of the oldest and ugliest stories on Earth. But when it comes to speaking up against hate speech, bullying, and bigotry, students and their communities are finding creative ways to craft an uplifting response. Increasingly, new media tools are playing an important role in these efforts.

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Jim Brodie BrazellAugust 20, 2010

Editor's Note: Today's guest blogger is Jim Brazell, a technology forecaster, author, public speaker, and consultant. It is the fourth in a five-part series on the convergence of STEM education and the Arts (TEAMS).

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Jim MoultonAugust 19, 2008

I'm heading home from Columbus, Ohio, on a fine, clear summer morning. I am in a window seat on the plane, as always, and on takeoff we fly right past downtown, en route to Cincinnati. On this flight path I get a wonderful view down into the Ohio State football stadium, where the word Buckeyes is emblazoned across the end zone, bold white text on a crimson background.

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