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Ashley NahornickAugust 5, 2013

"For students, the best classroom experience is a space of possibility." - Anne Stevens1

Design thinking can transform your classroom into a space of creativity, excitement and possibility. The design thinking process involves rethinking and reframing problems to make things easier, more streamlined or different. Jackie Gerstein attests that design thinking is an important skill for students to learn as part of their education.2

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Rebecca AlberJuly 23, 2013

Summer is the time to look over those unit plans. As you reflect and rethink lessons, here's something to consider: How can you turn direct instruction into experiences where students instead discover?

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Ryan W IhrkeJuly 23, 2013

First of all, I must apologize to the physics people out there who read the title and expected this article to explain a new three-dimensional figure that would redefine transport and how we think about mobility. Sadly, I have not yet come up with this idea. But I assure you, I will write a post about it when I do. This is not that post.

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Elena AguilarJuly 17, 2013

"Why?" he asks, over and over, as I attempt to narrate a series of historical events. I'm not prepared for these questions and I'm surprised, and a little disappointed in myself, that I was caught off guard.

But who has adequate answers to the "Why?" questions when you're trying to teach children about the horrors that have been perpetrated on innocent humans? Who is able to sufficiently explain war?

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Matt DavisJuly 12, 2013

What's the best cure for the summertime blues? How about outdoor education? The backyard or local park are great places to soak up the sun and dive into a citizen science project or a quick environmental ed lesson. So if you know someone suffering from summer boredom, here are some hands-on, DIY outdoor education ideas that are great for kids.

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Matt DavisJuly 10, 2013

Summer is all about local food, and for parents, now's the perfect time to sneak in a lesson or two about healthy eating. Here are some fun and entertaining resources to help kids learn about food at the farmer's market, in the garden, and at the kitchen table:

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Matt DavisJune 27, 2013

Nothing says summer fun quite like the Fourth of July, especially for all those youngsters who’ve probably been counting the days. How is your family celebrating this year? A barbecue with friends? Homemade ice cream? How about a chemistry assignment? That’s right. Along with the parades, popsicles and firework displays are some engaging lessons for inquisitive minds.

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Danielle LynchMay 6, 2013

Sammamish High School has defined seven key elements of problem-based learning used in our classrooms. This week we will explore the key element of academic discourse. How students communicate their discoveries and connect them to the overall learning is an essential part of what we do. Without proper communication, progress cannot be made on many projects.

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Andrew MillerMay 1, 2013

Just what is a game jam? It is a short event, usually only a day or two, where game developers plan, design and create a short game. Similar to a music jam session, game jams don't involve much pre-planning and rely on immediate idea generation and improvisation. Game design companies have these jam sessions regularly, and while many of the games that happen here are digital, some are paper-based. They usually occur in one physical location to allow for immediate, organic collaboration. While there is an element of competition, most of the work is focused on collaboration towards a common goal.

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Lisa Michelle DabbsApril 18, 2013

"As a child I walked with noisy fingers along the hemline for so many meadows back home." - Jewel

I love to read poetry for many reasons, but some that strike me as being the most important are:

  • Reading poetry relaxes me.
  • Reading poetry makes me laugh!
  • Reading poetry allows me to see into a deeper, more emotional part of myself.
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