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Milton ChenJuly 14, 2010

My new book is just out, Education Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in our Schools (Jossey-Bass). You can preview it on Amazon. In it, I pose this challenge: "Imagine an Education Nation, a learning society where the education of children and adults is the highest national priority, on par with a strong economy, high employment, and national security."

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Betty RayJune 21, 2010

Editor's Note: Robert McLaughlin, Ph.D., today's guest blogger, administers the New Hampshire Department of Education's assessment and approval of professional educator preparation programs.

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Elena AguilarJune 14, 2010

What does it mean to be a teacher leader? How does one become a teacher leader? What are the ways in which teachers can take leadership?

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Betty RayJune 7, 2010

Editors Note: Our guest blogger today is Kyle Pace, an instructional technology specialist for a school district in the Kansas City area.

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EdutopiaMarch 23, 2010

When I think back to middle school, which was Junior High back in the day, two things stand out about my principal, whom I'll call Mr. G. I don't ever remember seeing him smile, but I vividly recall being frightened of his ruler. No, Mr. G. didn't use it to slap our wrists -- that would have been preferable. He employed it as a modesty monitor, ordering girls he passed in the hall to get on their knees while he measured the distance between the floor and the hem of their skirts.

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Betty RayMarch 4, 2010

Much big news in the education world of late. While fifteen Race to the Top finalists were just announced, both higher ed and K-12 educators across California and other cities are protesting layoffs, fee hikes, cuts, and the re-segregation of schools in March 4 Strike and Day of Action To Defend Public Education. Meanwhile, many teachers continue to be cut, with more to come.

It's a rough time for teachers, to say the least. Which is why this week's #edchat on teacher morale was particularly timely. Our guest blogger, Matt Guthrie (@mattguthrie) summarized the inspirational discussion.

--Betty Ray, Community Manager (@EdutopiaBetty) and Elana Leoni, Social Media Marketing Coordinator (@elanaleoni)

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EdutopiaFebruary 1, 2010

Today, we're announcing important strategic changes for Edutopia and The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF).

Having just completed our biggest growth year to date, we have taken a step back to evaluate how Edutopia can best serve you - educators, parents and administrators - who are committed to bringing positive change to schools and districts everywhere. Much has changed since we launched back in 1994. Then we were one of the first educational organizations to have a Web presence. In the ensuing 16 years, we have honed our mission to show what works in public education, creating our Web site, books, CDs, DVDs, and, since 2004, our award-winning Edutopia magazine.

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Betty RayFebruary 1, 2010

Olaf Elch (@olafelch) is an ELT and intercultural competence consultant from Germany. A straight-talking and opinionated #edchat participant, he immediately emerged as a leader in the discussion of how teachers can play a part in educational reform.

--Betty Ray, Community Manager (@EdutopiaBetty) and Elana Leoni, Online Membership Coordinator (@elanaleoni)

To put it bluntly, teachers have a major image problem. Seen from the outside, teachers have excellent job security, long holidays, they aren't accountable for their performance and then to cap it all, they are constantly complaining about their pay and conditions.

It gets worse. Although teachers may be great at presenting information, they are not usually skilled at defending themselves against adversaries in the same way that politicians, journalists and business managers are. This means the teacher is holding a really bad hand when getting involved in emotive arguments like how to reform education.

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Suzie BossJanuary 30, 2010

"What is smart?"

That question provoked intriguing responses from a panel of big thinkers during the opening session of EduCon 2.2, a conference that recently wrapped up at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.

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