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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Dropout Prevention

Learn about programs and share ideas to support at-risk students and keep all young people in school.

Middle School's Role in Dropout Prevention

Anne O'Brien shares research and resources for helping secondary students stay in school.




Photo Gallery: Success Starts with Strong Relationships

Educators at this Houston school help kids go on to college and careers by challenging and supporting them.


Administrators: Tough Love

At YES Prep, sustaining high levels of achievement requires constant vigilance.

2 2 636 views

A School Grows Great Educators

At YES Prep, grabbing top-notch talent isn't always an option. Out of necessity, they are developing their own.

3 1 9,297 views
Principal Philip Wright on Building Relationships at YES Prep North Central

Philip Wright on Building Relationships

YES Prep North Central's principal talks about the school's approach to productive student conduct.

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YES Prep: Mark DiBella on How to Lead a Change

Mark DiBella on How to Lead a Change

YES Prep's school director discusses how to create a positive environment for everyone in the school community.

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YES Prep Cultivates Parent Engagement

Cultivating Parent Engagement

A focus on family involvement is one reason for student success in the rigorous college-prep environment at YES Prep North Central in Houston, Texas.

62 3,893 views
YES Prep: College-Bound Culture

How YES Prep Prepares Students for College and Beyond

A focus on college preparation for all students helps get them to four-year schools.

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Using Staff Expertise to Increase Graduation Rates

Anne O'Brien explains how a school district in the state of Washington dramatically increased graduation rates in their high schools.

7 21 1,670 views

Silent Statistics: Student-Performance Data Misses the Most Important Outcomes

The information gleaned from standardized tests may not measure some of their worst side effects.

12 1,670 views

Help Me, I'm Failing: Louisiana Students Falling Behind Learn How to Move Ahead

A middle school program helps keep students from being left behind and left despondent.

7 1,670 views

Report on Dropout Rates: Who's Missing from Graduation Stages?

Blogger Suzie Boss reports that dropout rates are higher for students living in poverty, highlighting noteworthy programs that are currently trying to change this.

5 189 1,447 views

Biotech Academy: Challenging Assumptions and Changing Lives

This school-within-a-school puts the emphasis on academics and a future career.

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A Magnet School Attracts Students to Careers in Health

A Magnet School Attracts Students to Careers in Health

Bravo Medical Magnet High School in Los Angeles offers internships in medical offices and advanced research labs where students can learn real-world skills.

7 1,336 views

Summer: The Third Trimester

Edutopia's senior fellow and executive director emeritus Milton Chen shares some success stories of summer programs.

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