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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Dropout Prevention

Learn about programs and share ideas to support at-risk students and keep all young people in school.

Middle School's Role in Dropout Prevention

Anne O'Brien shares research and resources for helping secondary students stay in school.




Library Homework-Help Resources Are Available Nationwide

Statewide and cross-country services link students and their questions about school assignments with educators who can guide them.

5 1 490 views

Keeping the Fires Lit

How have you helped change education this year, and what will keep you going next year?

12 1 686 views

The Jefferson County Public Schools Empower Educators

This Kentucky school district helps teachers become confident ambassadors of its program in social and emotional learning.

43 2,780 views

Jefferson County Adopts Social and Emotional Learning

A Kentucky school district aims to create healthy classrooms and helpful citizens through its CARE for Kids program.

2 36 667 views

Edutopia and CASEL Promote Social and Emotional Learning

The Schools That Work case study about SEL was presented at the 2009 Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning conference.

2 3 779 views

Extended-Day Learning = Quality Time for Students

Houston's charter school, YES Prep North Central, uses extra hours to prepare kids for college.

12 1,001 views

10 Takeaway Tips for a College-Bound School Culture

Bold ideas from YES Prep North Central, a successful Houston charter school.

18 89 3,006 views



Awash in a Sea of Misinformation: Charter School Myths and Realities

By confronting the myths of charter schools (monolithic entity, private ownership, failed experiments), we can examine why they exist and how to evaluate them individually.

8 180 2,335 views

Teach At-Risk Students in Leadership and Language Arts with. . . World of Warcraft?

Edutopia blogger Todd Finley speaks with IT coordinator Lucas Gillispie about his pioneering work with incorporating MMORPGs into the public school curriculum.

3 156 2,335 views

The TEAMS Model: Unifying Arts, Academics, and Career and Technical Education

Editor's Note: Today's guest blogger is Jim Brazell, a technology forecaster, author, public speaker, and consultant. It is the second in a five-part series on the convergence of STEM education and the Arts (TEAMS).

2 18 2,335 views

Career Technical Classes: Preparing Tomorrow's Skilled Professionals

Learning trade skills without losing sight of college.

91 2,224 views

Celebrity Q&A: America Ferrera on Becoming an Ambassador for Education

The star of Ugly Betty talks about her role as Save the Children's artist ambassador for education.

1 35 2,113 views

The Graduates: Another Film That Shouldn't Be Missed

Edutopia blogger Mark Phillips shares why he's so inspired by The Graduates, an Independent Lens documentary for PBS about six Latino high school students and the odds they bravely face in order to graduate.

164 2,001 views
Around-the-Clock Learning: Extending the Definition of 'School'

Around-the-Clock Learning: Extending the Definition of 'School'

Chicago's John Spry Community School goes beyond traditional hours on and off campus to foster student success.

3 8 2,001 views