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Digital Divide

Learn about issues related to equalizing access to technology and providing opportunities for all learners to engage in experiences that develop digital literacy.

Is Your School #FutureReady?

Two recent events have the potential to help schools nationwide get up to speed when it comes to Internet access and equity.

The Digital Lives of Teens: "If You Don't Have a Plan for Them, They Will Have a Plan for You"

Teachers should make an effort to understand how best to operate in their students' digital world if they hope to make learning engaging and relevant.

The Digital Divide: Resource Roundup

Learn more about the changing landscape of the "digital divide" in education and beyond, and explore resources that discuss how to help all students develop digital and media literacy.


Coding in the Classroom: A Long-Overdue Inclusion

Last comment 2 days 23 hours ago
16 492 3,451 views

Coding in the Classroom: A Long-Overdue Inclusion

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 12:00
16 492 3,451 views

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 14:10
25 15,106 65,250 views

Why Reading Matters: An Interview with a School Leader

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 06:46
3 231 1,566 views


Students Get a Wired Education

Elementary Students Get a Wired Education

Computers and multimedia are seamlessly woven into the curriculum at technology-rich Mary Scroggs Elementary School.

38 7 21,793 views

From Curriculum to Communication, a School Immerses Itself in Tech

At Mary Scroggs Elementary School, every day is a technology day.

97 73 21,010 views
High School Students Speak Their Minds Through Digital Media

Students Speak Their Minds Through Digital Media

This program helps Latino students deliver powerful messages through video and the Web.

15 36 4,826 views

The Digital Divide: Where We Are

A status report on the digital divide from 2002.

29 52 95,525 views

Reports on the Digital Divide: Are We Truly Making Progress?

A 2002 look at the state of technology integration in our schools and communities.


Community Technology Centers: A National Movement to Close the Digital Divide

Working on closing the gap between the schools with technology and those without.

1 343 views

Multimedia Serves Youths' Desire to Express Themselves

Southern California's San Fernando Education Technology Team focuses on learning by doing and speaks to students' fascination with technology.

63 24 4,956 views



Making the Case for Open Source Software

Open source tools are free and often easier to update; Dr Chris Craft shares some tips for making the leap.

2 49 652 views

Serious Tips for Using Serious Games in Class

Experts on issue-oriented computer simulations offer advice on how to do it right.

5 652 views

Bring the Outback In: Distance Learning Down Under

The Alice Springs School of the Air links far-flung Aussies.

2 1 652 views

Street-Level Youth Soar: Students Learn How to Tell Their Stories

Students learn the art of digital expression.


Digital Divide: Next Steps for Schools

PBS producer David Bolt explores ways to bridge the technology access gap.

1 1 652 views

Broadband, Big Screen! Enlivening English Language Learning

A creative use of whiteboards, LCD projectors, and the Internet helps students in southeast Los Angeles learn English.

5 1 646 views

Technology: You Go, Girl!

Web sites dedicated to getting girls and women interested in and knowledgeable about technology.

2 1 622 views