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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Community Partnerships

Learn and share ideas about how to engage caring individuals, organizations, and businesses to help schools with resources, mentors, internships, and more.

Partner with Local Arts Organizations

Partnerships with local arts organizations can bring much-needed resources to your students without much cost, and can provide students with new outlets for creativity and ways to develop essential critical thinking and collaboration skills.

Room to Move: Shared Use Creates Opportunities for Physical Activity

Partnering with local government, schools can create safe community spaces where children enjoy outdoor physical activity. Here are five steps to make that a reality.

Building Community Partnerships: Resource Roundup

Explore examples and strategies for initiating and fostering successful business and community partnerships.

Using Entrepreneurship to Transform Student Work

Raleigh Werberger, a high school history and humanities teacher, describes a PBL unit that flipped a class from 'just good enough' to creating a working business model and seeking funds to launch a startup.

Public-Private Partnerships: The Real Future of Education

In the areas of STEM, digital literacy, and the Maker movement, an energetic groundswell of public-private partnership initiatives is not-so-quietly remaking the future of education.


From Selfies to Service: The Power of Civic Engagement

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The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources

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The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources

Article posted Sun, 08/17/2014 - 09:29
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Learning Expeditions: Rethinking Field Trips

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From Selfies to Service: The Power of Civic Engagement

Blog posted Wed, 07/09/2014 - 09:54
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Engaging At-Risk Students with Real-World Science Experience

Biotech Academy: A Catalyst for Change

At-risk students in San Jose, California, become college ready and career bound with the support of teachers and biotechnology business partners.

5 1,129 views

Biotech Academy: Challenging Assumptions and Changing Lives

This school-within-a-school puts the emphasis on academics and a future career.

2 1,974 views

Supporting Good Schools Is Good Business: An Expert Speaks

Milton Goldberg on the benefits of business support in education.

A Community Comes Together to Build an Elementary School

Community-Built School: Working Together to Make a Change

Parents and teachers, community members, and business partners have come together to build a new school and revitalize a community.

2 6 3,944 views

Rebuilding a School, Revitalizing a Community: School Improvements Enhance a Desire to Learn

A community comes together to improve its school -- and realizes much more far-reaching benefits.

2 1,598 views

An MBA for Kids: The Minnesota Business Academy

At this school, curriculum revolves around the workplace's demands for knowledge and critical-thinking skills.

4 2,535 views
The Children's Aid Society: Supporting a Full-Service Learning Environment

The Children's Aid Society: Supporting a Full-Service Learning Environment

Healthier kids, a safer school, and improved academic achievement are just a few of the positive effects of this unique partnership between New York City schools and the city's venerable charity for kids.




A Year at Mission Hill: Like a Family and Behind the Scenes

A Year at Mission Hill is a video documentary series that covers the transformation of one inner city elementary school in Boston. In Chapters Six and Seven, we learn how teachers create community with the students, the parents, and each other.


Intergenerational Learning Changes Learning, Changes Lives

Mentor and community facilitator Brendan O'Keefe reflects on how people can teach and learn from each other at any age.

3 471 views

Class Act: Former Business Executives Put Their Skills to the Test

Top business leaders trade the whiteboard for a blackboard as they attempt to improve urban schools.


Creating Classrooms: It Takes a Village -- and a Museum

Combine a school, a museum, and a global corporation, and you get a learning environment like no other.

1 466 views

PBL Program Shows How to Tap Local Expertise

Blogger Suzie Boss showcases the Center for Design and Technology, a project-based learning high school in Georgia.

University Teams Up with Local Schools to Advance Careers in Medicine

University Teams Up with Local Schools to Advance Careers in Medicine

A commitment to serving the local community motivated the University of Southern California University Hospital and Keck Medical School to develop internships for students at Bravo Medical Magnet High School.


Student Internships: Building a Bigger Pipeline to STEM

Suzie Boss highlights how one internship program has allowed students to get a head start on careers in the health profession