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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Career and Technical Education

Provide students with pathways to postsecondary education and careers by integrating core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge.

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Breaking Down Silos: Career Technical Education in the Era of Common Core

Common Core State Standards have the potential to shine new light on the role that career technical education can play in preparing all students for success in the global community.

Using Entrepreneurship to Transform Student Work

Raleigh Werberger, a high school history and humanities teacher, describes a PBL unit that flipped a class from 'just good enough' to creating a working business model and seeking funds to launch a startup.

College and Career Ready: Soft Skills Are Crucial

21st-century schools need to teach an array of skills to develop college- and career-ready students.



Project Law: The Legal System Teaches Core Concepts

This Bronx school turns the courtroom into a classroom.


Good Day Sunshine: Students Rise to Solar-Car Challenge

One high school's new project-learning program is piquing students' interest in higher education and building their critical-thinking skills.

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Learning Vessel: Boatbuilding Brings the Lessons Home

Students on the island of North Haven, Maine, learn math and local history by building a boat.

1 334 views

Financial Aides: Teens Become Tax Preparers

A high school opens a tax office, and students run the show.

5 1 368 views

Monster Mash: Learning Real-World Skills in a Creature-Creating Art Class

A classroom doubles as a special effects tech studio, and students go pro.

14 3,645 views

How to Give Art Class a Life of Its Own

When a high school art class becomes a professional special effects studio, students learn creative problem solving while developing personally and professionally.

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George Lucas Shares His Hopes for Education

George Lucas: Sharing His Hope for Education

The education visionary speaks about innovation in education and the critical need for businesses to better support educational programs.

12 34 2,025 views



Five Students, Five Paths to a Future That Works

A second chance for success in school.

5 1,081 views

Learning Inside an Out-of-School Newsroom

Elisabeth Soep of Oakland, California's Youth Radio shares how a radio commentary can engage students on real-world issues.

18 1,081 views

Learning from the Pros: Experts Help Students Move from School to Career

Animation students link up with professionals for modern-day mentoring.

2 1,081 views
Engaging At-Risk Students with Real-World Science Experience

Biotech Academy: A Catalyst for Change

At-risk students in San Jose, California, become college ready and career bound with the support of teachers and biotechnology business partners.

5 36 1,081 views

Transition Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators

Matt Davis has highlighted resources that can help students make the transition into elementary, middle, and high school -- and beyond -- featuring information for parents, teachers, and administrators.

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Risky Business: Industry Invests in Schools

With the economic future of the U.S. tied to our public education system, business leaders are scrambling to push for change.

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Biotech Academy: Challenging Assumptions and Changing Lives

This school-within-a-school puts the emphasis on academics and a future career.

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