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David MarkusOctober 6, 2011

When the prospects for education seem bleak and when new waves of school budget cuts and finger pointing at teachers and their union reps seem to fill the airways, it feels odd -- even uncomfortable -- to be focused on what's succeeding in education. It's a little like hailing the miner who manages to claw his way out of the collapsed mine shaft while his coworkers remain trapped inside.

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As a teacher and a new mom, it didn't take long for me to find Facebook as a supplement for my stunted social life. And as any FB user knows, once you join, you become inundated with photos of new babies, comments about friends' recent bodily functions, quiz results, and mysterious requests for farm equipment or mafia weapons.

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Jim MoultonSeptember 13, 2006

Recently I was in Bisbee, Arizona, to visit my brother. Being a New Englander born and bred, I love traveling to the Southwest -- everything is so different!

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