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Patsy LanclosAugust 31, 2006

A new school year has begun or will begin very soon. What will be different in your school this year?

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Bonnie Bracey SuttonAugust 24, 2006

I have been working in educational technology for a long time. I was a teacher who discovered the magic of using technology, and so please know my stance is not political -- unless you think only in red and blue.

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Pat HarderAugust 23, 2006

Two years ago, my middle school bought six iPods. I was a little baffled with the purchase, because we had so many other technology needs the money could have been spent on. Weren't we just indulging a small population in our school that wanted to be able to listen to music?

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Jim MoultonAugust 22, 2006

When one-to-one computing comes to a school, teachers, librarians, administrators, and technical staff have plenty to learn.

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Bonnie Bracey SuttonAugust 21, 2006

I have always loved books, and love reading. When I was a child, I told my mother I was born reading, but she just laughed.

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Bonnie Bracey SuttonAugust 17, 2006

As minority teachers from all over the United States, a number of us informally worked to promote digital equity for years and years, organizing with the help and the influence of Jennelle Leonard of the U.S. Department of Education, who served as a mentor for us.

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Ron SmithAugust 15, 2006

I've been migrating most of my files to the Web. I use my class Web site instead of a file cabinet, and I post family pictures to my personal Web site.

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Bonnie Bracey SuttonAugust 11, 2006

I recently participated in the Airspace Systems Education Cohort at the NASA Ames Research Center, in Mountain View, California.

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Bonnie Bracey SuttonAugust 10, 2006

A month after the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), I've finally found the time to go through my notes and unpack the many handouts and freebies I picked up. It brought back so many memories.

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Chris O'NealJuly 25, 2006

The National Educational Computing Conference is one of the best examples that demonstrates a positive relationship between the commercial and classroom sides of education.

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