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Lisa MimsJuly 17, 2013

We all know how crucial it is that our parents are supportive and involved in their child's education. We understand how important it is that they are aware of what is taking place in your classroom. The more supportive and involved parents are in their child's education, the greater the odds that their child will be successful.

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In my post from March, I shared a little about what my school is doing to help a common problem, that of homogenous honors classes. With a school make up that is almost 50 percent Latino and 50 percent Asian, you would like to think that the honors classes are similar to that break down. Unfortunately, they are not.

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Joshua BlockJuly 5, 2013

For the past five years I have collaborated with a playwright who works with my students as they write original plays. Each year, on the first day that she has been in the room with us, Kate and I stage a conflict about what should come next in the lesson. As students squirm uncomfortably in their seats and turn to each other with unbelieving eyes, Kate and I debate what makes the most sense to do next. The goal of the staged conflict is getting students to think about the crucial role of conflict in drama and playwriting. We use our brief skit as a way to open up a larger conversation about the power of theater and the different elements of a play.

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Ben JohnsonJuly 3, 2013

With the speed of change reaching a frenetic pace, the idea of schools preparing students for the future is becoming more and more of a challenge. I was fortunate to attend a P-20 Summit (preschool to doctorate -- I had to ask what it meant, too). Hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio Office of P-20 Initiatives, the summit addressed where we are now and what we can do to prepare students for their futures.

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Adam BellowJuly 3, 2013

Changing the world sounds like a tall order. But in reality, educators play their role to help change the world every single day. The summer is a great time to start planting seeds of change in our personal or professional practice. Here are a few quick ideas to keep in mind over the next few weeks before we gear up to go back to school.

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José VilsonJune 28, 2013

Summer is the time when new teachers learn and when veteran teachers relax and then learn. Whether at the beach watching over your kid who is flinging the beach ball too hard, or at home with your face right on the full-power air conditioner, here's hoping the following five books give you something to enjoy and discuss. These books fall into three categories: leadership, race, or math (and in one case, all three). I'm recommending them all, and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Elana LeoniJune 14, 2013

It's almost officially summer, and if you’re an edtech nerd like me, you always start twitching with excitement when June rolls around (seriously, picture Elaine dancing in Seinfeld). ISTE's annual conference and exposition starts June 23 and, for me, ISTE is the best way (edcamps excluded, of course!) to meet inspiring and like-minded folks passionate about education. So how do you make the most of the conference? And how do you know if you're being realistic about your goals and schedule? And is there room for fun?

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Elena AguilarJune 12, 2013

Who are your people? I mean, your people at work, your community of like-minded folks who make you laugh and appreciate you. Who are the people who help you muddle through the messiness of our education system and with whom you discover new trails to travel?

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David CutlerJune 6, 2013

Few subjects are as challenging to teach as journalism, a field that is changing as fast as technology itself -- or faster.

I reached out to William Zinsser, age 90, a living legend, stellar journalist and one of America's greatest teachers of writing. I was curious to hear how he adapted so successfully to publishing his work online. Following are highlights of that conversation.

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Elena AguilarJune 4, 2013

The end of the school year can bring up a lot of feelings for a lot of people working in schools. As we clean out our classrooms, we may come across half-finished projects, stacks of papers we never got around to grading, and files of material that we'd intended on using for a unit on something or another.

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