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Mobile Learning: Resource Roundup

From smartphones and tablets, to MP3 players and e-readers, today's students have a variety of mobile technologies at their fingertips. Here's a look at some mobile learning resources from Edutopia and around the Web.

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Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know

Our newest classroom guide offers tips for getting kids engaged with learning, focused on working smarter, and ready for the future. This downloadable PDF can help you better understand how mobile gadgets -- cell phones, tablets, and smartphones -- can engage students and change their learning environment.

This Edutopia guide is sponsored by Google, provider of Google Apps for Education.

Edutopia's Mobile Classroom Pinboard on Pinterest

50+ additional mobile resources -- what you need to know about BYOD, 1:1 programs, education apps, mobile devices and more.

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Cell Phones: Classroom Tool or Invasive Nuisance?

  • Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil? by Jeff Grabill (2012)

    Writing professor and researcher Jeff Grabill discusses a Michigan State University study which suggests that, although students spend much of their day with cell phone in hand, their "writing lives" are blossoming.

  • Texting in the Classroom: Not Just a Distraction, by Audrey Watters (2011)

    Although teenagers are avid text message senders, there's still plenty of positive ways to use cell phones in the classroom. Edutopia blogger Audrey Watters highlights a few resources that may help turn that distraction into a learning tool.

  • Zero-Thumb Game: How to Tame Texting, by Sara Bernard (2008)

    Text message shorthand may be making its way into academic writing, but is this really a sign of linguistic deterioration?

  • Learn2luvcell: A Powerful Multipurpose Mechanism for Learning, by Burr Snider (2008)

    Once the scourge of classrooms, cell phones are now part of the lesson plan.

  • Using QR Codes in the Classroom, by Mary Beth Hertz (2011)

    QR codes for mobile devices can be utilized to engage students, points out blogger Mary Beth Hertz.

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Books of the Future -- Kindles, Nooks and other E-Readers

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Bringing iPads and Apps into Lesson Plans

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Using MP3 Players to Engage Students

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Digital Divide: Closing the Gap

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