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Gerald Rodriguez (not verified)

Again, as with all who cry

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Again, as with all who cry that the "sky is falling" I point you to more rational and sane minds who would bother to ask questions rather than join the frantic fray and make matters worse for all. Some like Dr. Thomas Sowell would rather study up on the issue and make comments based on evidence, logic, and good ol' common sence--see link ( What is truly needed is an open forum for real honest debate on a national and international level, rather than merely accept the mantra that the "end is near" unless we blindly follow what high profile "experts" (such as politicians, actors, and late night celebrity hosts) say we must all do. Before we even begin to think about paying for a remedy to such an ill, shouldn't we examine and diagnose if there is an illness to begin with? After all, many are still stuck with heavy winter coats in their closets waiting for the dreaded coming "new ice age" lamented by so many back in the 1960s and 1970s.
Joylette Portlock (not verified)

Daryl, you seem very sure of

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Daryl, you seem very sure of what you are saying. However, it is probably worth re-evaluating why you have certain beliefs about climate change. Look for yourself at the data - the Feb. 2nd report by the International Panel on Climate Change, with data produced by over 600 climate scientists and in language approved by 113 countries disagrees with your statement that "There isn't even agreement that this is an unnatural event." In fact, this report, and just about every other report for many years now says that climate change is happening, and that people, through greenhouse gas emissions, are causing it. The report also describes, rigorously, with margins of error indicated, the predicted consequences. You don't have to believe it just because I say it (I'm a genetics Ph.D. who is part of the Climate Project as well) or because Diane says it. You can read it for yourself. I urge you to take a look at the work of the scientific community the world over, and then go back and investigate whatever reports have led you to reach the statements you posted before you make up your mind. There absolutely _is_ an overwhelming scientific consensus - and the sooner we agree on that, the sooner we can act.
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Diane Demee-Benoit Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia