Should after-school programs be an extension of the school day?

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Jeff Siddell (not verified)

In NYS most schools already

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In NYS most schools already have a voluntary after school academic period that students can attend. This occurs after formal dismissal, but before formalized extracurricular activities begin. If this activity were to be more formalized, it should take a different shape than the rest of the academic day. Even the students who are a motivated to excel need a reason to continue just as we do in the work place after a long day. A more formalized extended day probably would be beneficial, it just should not be more of the same old thing. The standard school day and instructional pocess is already struggling to keep students focused, motivated and interested.
Mitch Haycock (not verified)

I am most concerned about

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I am most concerned about behavior management, out of control students, and parents. I am very concerned about the sincere lack involvement of parents in their children. Schools are now war zones, and we can spend almost carte blanche unlimited funds overseas, and support the wealthy, and our middle class is dying. I hope we have a major makeover of our country, in both parties, and accountability from the president down to the states, and fix the health and wealth of this country, nuf said? Mitch Haycock in the state of anxiety
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